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  • She's the best, very available, meticulous, determined, you can trust her from anywhere in Quebec.

    Ginette Lapointe Avatar Ginette Lapointe

    Ma conseillère Lisa Leblanc a été d'une très grande aide. J'ai beaucoup aimé son suivi et sa grande disponibilité. J'ai été très impressionnée par ses services, cela m'a vraiment simplifié la vie! Je recommandé vivement!

    Coline Pierret Avatar Coline Pierret

    Lisa et son équipe nous ont offert un service hors pairs! Leur travail a été plus qu’efficace et ils ont répondu à tous nos besoins et plus, et ce, malgré nos délais qui étaient plutôt serrés. Le suivi constant effectué par Lisa auprès de la banque et ses réponses rapides à nos questions témoignent de son attention pour ses clients. Plus que satisfaite!

    Eliane Desjardins Avatar Eliane Desjardins
  • It is without hesitation that I recommend Lisa's services! She is fast, available (night and day), efficient, super friendly and makes a stressful stage of life more pleasant 🙂

    Sandrine Couture Avatar Sandrine Couture

    Honestly Lisa really helped us throughout the procedure to get the hypo loan and especially with the lowest rate on the market! She is often available and attentive day and evening! In addition, we got the final letter quickly from the bank! The procedure is fast and it is effective! I am very happy to work with you Lisa and I am very grateful! I strongly encourage 😍😍😍😍! Thanks again! Thanks to you we had our 1st house 😍 !

    seif aissa Avatar seif aissa

    Professionel et amical réponse à toutes nos questions. Merci

    Karla Keita Avatar Karla Keita
  • Very good experience with Lisa who was a great help with our file. Available, she was able to answer all our questions and accompanied us throughout our condo buying experience and our bank loan. You can trust him.

    Macha Merenkova Avatar Macha Merenkova

    Thank you Lisa!!!

    Emilie Blackburn Avatar Emilie Blackburn

    Lisa Leblanc is an extraordinary person. She listens to her clients and is very professional. Strongly recommended !!!

    Ronald Avatar Ronald
  • Lisa Leblanc est une courtier hors pair, elle nous a accompagné tout au long du processus en étant à l'écoute de nos besoins, en répondant à toutes nos questions et en nous donnant de judicieux conseils. Nous tenons également à souligner son professionnalisme, sa disponibilité et sa rapidité. Un premier achat semble parfois complexe à effectuer, mais lorsque l'on est bien guidé, cela simplifie grandement la tâche. Merci Lisa!

    Caroline Courchesne Avatar Caroline Courchesne

    Lisa is hands down the best mortgage broker! Impeccable and warm service!! I highly recommend!

    April Lapointe Hadwin Avatar April Lapointe Hadwin

    Nous avons été conseillé par Lisa Leblanc qui nous a offert un service et un suivi très professionnel, n’hésitant pas à nous trouver des solutions rapidement lorsque notre dossier prenait du retard. Excellente réactivité et communication. Nous sommes très satisfaites et nous n’hésiterons pas à refaire appel à ses services!

    Lacarriere Charlotte (DakotaCharly) Avatar Lacarriere Charlotte (DakotaCharly)
  • My experience with Lisa was excellent! She took the time to explain all aspects of a mortgage to me, answer my questions and find the best rate/financial institution for me. She gave me regular follow-ups on my file and I got my acceptance letter very quickly. I highly recommend her and I thank her for having accompanied me so well in this very important moment of my life.

    Cathy-Soleil Cyr-Racine Avatar Cathy-Soleil Cyr-Racine

    I really liked Lisa's service! We did a few loan simulations together, during which she was able to answer my questions or write them down to give me the answer later. I thus knew my mortgage possibilities and I was able to sign a promise to purchase serenely. Lisa then took care of my mortgage application and less than 24 hours after my promise to purchase was accepted, the bank called me to sign the papers!

    Timothée Millet Avatar Timothée Millet

    I don't have experience with other mortgage brokers, but I find Lisa to be amazing. She helped us find our mortgage qualification with an affordable interest rate. She is understanding and patient. I highly recommend her!

    Inose Alexandre Avatar Inose Alexandre
  • C'étais super bien. Travail super professionnel.Super gentils.


    We contacted Lisa to help us with our projects, her advice was very clear. Thank you very much Lisa

    Thomas Luinaud Avatar Thomas Luinaud

    Lisa accompanied me in my transaction from A to Z and was available to answer all my questions. I recommend his services!

    Fanny Aubin Avatar Fanny Aubin
  • Superb accompaniment; Lisa is transparent, efficient and above all, very creative! Small miracles in my file that we had to settle very quickly! Always very pleasant to do business with her. To everyone, I recommend!

    Katherine Domingue Avatar Katherine Domingue

    For me, Lisa is the set of all comments. Ultra available, competent in her field, she will do everything to make your dream achievable by mentioning several possible scenarios. I learned a lot from her and I will always keep her for my future projects. For her, the distance does not matter, everything is done remotely without any problems. I highly recommend her, you won't regret it, on the contrary. Thank you Lisa for your excellent service. xxx

    Na Yo Avatar Na Yo

    I contacted Madame Leblanc to help me obtain a mortgage loan. I fell so well by contacting her. She was very attentive to my needs, she is very professional and above all, she is very responsive. I had very regular follow-ups on the file. She accompanied me in my project with great efficiency. His skills in this area are undeniable. I quickly felt confident. I only have good words for him. I recommend her without any hesitation. Thank you Madame Leblanc for everything you have done so that I could carry out my project.

    Eric Gourdon Avatar Eric Gourdon
  • I did business with Ms. Lisa Leblanc for my mortgage and I assure you that she is a dedicated person and works very hard to obtain the best rates.

    Ginette Boucher Avatar Ginette Boucher

    Nous voulons remercier Lisa pour tout le travail que vous avez fait dans notre dossier. Merci d'avoir pris le temps de bien comprendre nos besoins, notre situation financière particulière ainsi que pour tous vos conseils.

    Martin Lagacé Avatar Martin Lagacé

    Ms. Lisa Leblanc, mortgage broker, shows through her attentiveness and professionalism, amazing communication skills and availability. In addition, she manages to popularize certain files in order to reassure the client and help him to progress effectively in his steps. In short, availability, efficiency and expertise are among Lisa Leblanc's qualities.

    Alain Boucher Avatar Alain Boucher
  • Lisa Leblanc is a very professional and attentive Mortgage Agent, I was very satisfied with Mrs. Leblanc's service.

    Clovis Bastien Avatar Clovis Bastien

    Lisa Leblanc's service is amazing! She is kind, trustworthy, efficient and very knowledgeable. She was attentive to my needs throughout the transaction and always looked out for my best interest! I highly recommend Lisa as a mortgage broker for anyone, she will not rest until you are satisfied and provided with the best product for your needs. Thank you so much for your patience and support throughout the years! You are truly a gem, Lisa!

    Jacklin Yeboah Avatar Jacklin Yeboah

    Lisa is an amazing person. Very professional ,empathetic and dedicated. Our long journey of buying a house wouldn't be the same without her. She was able to answer all of our questions regardless of the complexity. She  reassured us during all the process.She also listens to all of our needs . Her knowledge is incredibly useful.We were happy to have her by our side during those stressful moment wich she made us feel at ease. That bumpy road was smooth sailing  thanks to Lisa. Thank you a million time!

    Vany Chan Avatar Vany Chan
  • The broker Lisa gave me excellent service. She explains things well, even for me who doesn't always understand quickly. And it offers good rates! Thank you Lisa

    Chris Isaac Larnder Avatar Chris Isaac Larnder

    I highly recommend Lisa as a mortgage broker. She accompanied me throughout my file, gave me very valuable advice, and managed to negotiate a great rate with even cash back. You can be sure to be in good hands with Lisa! Thank you Lisa :)!

    Agathe M Avatar Agathe M

    I was fortunate to have Lisa as my Mortgage Broker for the purchase of my very first home. From start to finish, Lisa exceeded all my expectations in terms of the steps to follow to get my mortgage. Not only did she take the valuable time to properly understand/analyze my file and assess all the different possible scenarios – but she was also able to suggest excellent personalized recommendations which in the end made all the difference on my budget ! Rest assured that by doing business with Lisa, you are opening the doors to an unparalleled collaboration with a courteous, caring and extremely efficient professional. Everyone recognizes it - in front of a project as important as buying a house, it is essential to be well supported and as far as I am concerned, not only Lisa ensured the upgrade but she made the experience pleasant and above all, immensely instructive. Without a doubt, I would do business with Lisa again tomorrow morning if I had to take out another Mortgage! N.B. If Google had allowed me, I would have given 6 stars! 😊 Again, a huge thank you for everything Lisa. Pascal

    Pascal P Avatar Pascal P